Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car using Arduino

What is a Bluetooth controlled car ?

The voice control robot car is wireless interfacing in Arduino with HC-05 Bluetooth Module and L298N Motor Drive. We can give specific voice commands through the app installed on the smartphone.

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This project is a working process :

  1. Transmitter (Tx) section Smartphone with Android app ↔ phone Bluetooth.
  2. Receiver section (Rx) HP-05 module to connect on Arduino board shown in fig.

The components needed for the project :

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. L298N Motor Driver
  3. DC Motor
  4. 9V/12V Battery ( Power supply)
  5. HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  6. Connecting Wires

Connection detail or Procedure :

Bluetooth Module Tx to Arduino Rx Connection:-

Bluetooth Module 








L298N Motor Drive to Arduino Board:



L298N IN1   

Arduino 2 Digital Pin

L298N IN2  

Arduino 3 Digital Pin 

L298N IN3 

Arduino 3 Digital Pin 

L298N IN4 

Arduino 3 Digital Pin 


Arduino 10 Digital Pin 

EN B  

Arduino 10 Digital Pin 


    BATTERY –VE  &  Arduino GND     



{{   Note: You have to remove the cap to see the EN pins  }}

Glue all components to the chassis of the car, connect the side motor wires to out A, and out B. attach the wheels and the castor wheels to the car.

Arduino Input connection:

  •    Connect 9v Battery connector to the input jack of the Arduino

Arduino Board to PC:

Hop on to the computer of your choice and connect the Arduino to the computer. Download the Arduino software. Open the Arduino Software  uploading  code and add the library provided. Add the library and check the port and the board before compiling. Remove the Tx and Rx pin from the Arduino Board before uploading. 

Mobile setup:

  1. Open the app Turn ON Bluetooth and pair the Bluetooth module with it the pin is 1234.
  2. Connect the Bluetooth Module with the app.
  3. If you speak the word FORWARD, LEFT, RIGHT, BACKWARD or STOP then the car will start to move in that way. 

Successfully working this project, any doubt you will ask me I will help you .

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